When Should You Repair And When Should You Replace Cracked Windshields?

As a crack appears in a windshield, the question that needs to be asked is whether a repair is better than a replacement. The truth is that there are many questions you will need to ask before you will make a final choice. To put it as simple as possible, the choice will be made based on how serious the crack is. While many car owners just think about prices, those that understand what such a crack means will contact cracked windshield repair Victoria service providers as soon as possible. In order to help you make a good choice, here are the most important facts you will want to consider when making the final choice.


This is basically the most important thing taken into account by most people. An average star crack break repair will cost under $75. The combination cracks will not cost much more. When you repair the windshield you can expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $400. As you can see, if you can repair the crack you end up saving money. This is so much cheaper than the windshield replacement.


How Serious The Crack Is

The ultimate choice should never be based solely on price. A factor that is so much more important is how serious the crack is. In the event the crack is way too large, you will need to simply replace the windshield. Unfortunately, realizing if the crack is small enough to guarantee good repair potential is something most car owners cannot do. You will have to talk to a reputable repairman to offer some insight into whether or not a full replacement is needed.

When Did The Crack Appear?

Believe it or not, this is something of importance, a factor that few people actually consider. We say this because a small crack will eventually become much larger as time passes. It will also spread. It can make visibility really low and can even lead to car accidents as the driver cannot properly see the road. You want to fix the crack as soon as possible after it appears. If too much time passed, it is a certainty that the damage spread, thus making the repair impossible.

Who Is Doing The Windshield Crack Repair?

Unfortunately, there are many different auto repairmen that will not offer high quality services when repairing windshield cracks. One thing you may not know is that performing a repair is not as simple as it may seem. When the repair is not done properly the damage is not actually fixed and the windshield can be dangerous for car passengers.


On the whole, the answer to the question above is not that difficult. In the event the crack can be repaired, it is an option that will help you save money. However, when the professional tells you that the best solution is to replace the entire windshield, it is what you will have to do. Be sure that you take the advice of the professional into account and that you learn as much as possible about the process yourself.