Best Cars for Families That Aren’t Minivans

Are you looking for a good family car but not yet ready to settle down and buy a minivan? You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of good options out there, options that still give your family the things you need–extra seating, space for luggage, and more–without forcing you into a van. The minivan used to be the staple car of the family in the suburbs, but that is no longer the case.


The Top Categories

Before getting into specifics, it’s important to know what the best vehicle categories are, as these have changed over the years. First and foremost, you have the family sedan and the standard SUV. Sedans have been around forever, and they offer a comfortable ride, though they do sometimes lack in space. The SUV market exploded in the 1990s, and it continues to run strong today. An SUV offers a tremendous amount of space, but it couples that with truck-like power and off-road driving capabilities. The third category is the crossover, which is something of a blend of the two. Smaller than an SUV, a crossover gets better gas mileage and a smooth car-like ride, but it still offers the higher ground clearance and safety that families need. Below are three examples, one from each category.

The Sorento

The Sorento is a crossover SUV, and you can fit five or seven passengers depending on the model, which is more than some vans. With its high ground clearance and heavy curb weight, the Sorento is good in rain and snow, and it does very well in crash safety testing. The height of the vehicle also makes it safer in accidents than a smaller car. If the interior space isn’t enough, the pilot comes with roof bars that can support a luggage system for those long road trips.

The Optima

The Optima is a family sedan that has been loved for decades, with sleek, fashionable styling and all of the tech options and modern updates that you could want. It is significantly smaller than the Sorento, only seating five, but it also gets much better gas mileage at 28 miles per gallon in the city and 39 on the highway. It’s a nimble car that is fun to drive, and the sunroof can make it feel even bigger than it really is. The Optima is a good balance or a nice car for a family that really does not need all of the space that a minivan or an SUV has to offer.

The Soul

The Soul is Kia’s crossover vehicle, smaller than the Sorento and yet taller than the Optima. Some would call it a compact SUV, but the handling is more in line with that of a car. It’s comfortable and smooth to drive. It also only seats five, though, so larger families may be more interested in the Sorento. Still, the extra headroom makes the Soulfeel roomy, and it also has a rear tailgate that offers for additional luggage. The crossover market is one of the most popular markets right now, so the Soul looks trendy and stylish. It is also available as an electric-only model in some markets.

When your family is growing but you don’t want to be another minivan driver, you can check out one of these fine alternatives from your local Auburn car dealership today!