The city of East London lies on the eastern coast of South Africa

The city of East London lies on the eastern coast of South Africa. It is home to over a million people with thousands of visitors pouring into the city. The city is quiet and quaint and offers a different getaway experience from other South African cities with its busy hustle and bustle. Visitors to the city have the option of making use of public transport but if guests will be travelling towards the outer parts of the city, then car hire East London would be the best transport option. Car hire East London can be done at multiple avenues across the city with the final decision being up to the customer. A convenient choice to most visitors would be to do their car hire East London at the airport.

The East London airport only services local flights but prospective passengers have the option of choosing from a full service or low cost airline. Hiring out a vehicle directly at the airport allows for access to a vehicle directly upon landing which can be used to leave the airport to go and settle into the hotel and not having to rely on an airport transfer. With car hire East London, customers will have access to a number of different car rental companies and even wider range of vehicles. The decision of which company to go with lies with the type of car hire East London specials that are being offered or whether the customer belongs to a certain company’s loyalty club.


The types of vehicles available for car hire East London are budget, luxury, people carrier or vans. The most opted for vehicle are those that make up the budget range. These are the smallest and are usually hatchback or smaller sedans. They are the cheapest cars to purchase and are also the lowest when it comes to using fuel making for a very economical car hire East London vehicle. For those customers who require a bit more comfort and a better driving experience then the luxury range will provide the best vehicle to hire. These include larger sedans or SUV vehicles. Car hire East London customers go for these vehicles if they will be travelling longer distances in the city, to make the ride a bit more bearable.

If the trip to East London is being done as part of a business conference or sports team meet then the people carrier vehicles will provide easier transport logistics. Instead of hiring out multiple vehicles to transport the group around, it would make more sense to go with just one vehicle. It would amount to a much cheaper end result and also have all members of the team travelling and arriving at the destination all at once. If the nature of the trip requires for a lot of luggage then a van should be the car hire East London vehicle looked into. There are 2 options to go with, that being a single or double cab. Customers also have the option of requesting for the back canopy to be attached or taken out by staff.